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Abstract Algebra Chapter 01


Recent Developments in Cryptography 2019

Things has been enormous changed in cryptography after DH inventend the Public Key Cryptography (PKC). The algorithms for complex problems like interger factorization, Discrete Logarithms and Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithms hava improved tremendously make way for attackers to crack cryptosystems previously thought were unsolvable. Newer Methods have also been invented like Lattice based cryptography, Code based cryptography, Hash based cryptography and Multivariate cryptography. With the invention of newer public key cryptosystems, the signature systems makeing use of public key signatures have enabled authentication of individuals based on public keys. The Key Distribution mechanisms including the Key Exchange protocols and Public Key infrastructures have contributed to the development of algorithms in this area. Also we will discuss about the developments of Indentity based cryptography, Group based cryptography and Chaos based cryptography.

如何通过免密码 SSH 连接至 OpenWRT 路由

在通过 SSH 远程访问 Linux 主机时,配置一个 ssh 密钥确实是一个不错的方式,这样不用在每次连接访问的时候输入密码。而且能够保证安全性,毕竟每次输入密码,太长了输起来太麻烦,太短了则密码安全性太差。然而这个事情做起来在普通 Linux 可以正常操作,然而 OpenWRT 里面却有些不一样。普通 Linux 下面 只需要把 里面的公钥拷贝到 /home/<username>/.ssh/authorized_keys 里面,如果是 root 账号则拷贝到 /root/.ssh/authorized_keys 里面。



Nginx 安全配置




Fibonacci sequence general term derivation

Fibonacci sequence: $a_1 = 1, a_2 = 1, a_n = a_{n-1} + a_{n-2}$

So you want to be a functional programmer

Taking that first step to understanding Functional Programming concepts is the most important and sometimes the most difficult step. But it doesn’t have to be. Not with the right perspective.


Alpine 系统跟 Ubuntu 一样也有包管理器,为 apk ,正常通过 apk 安装软件速度都会比较慢,原因你懂的。